What is the building safety law ?

On March 18, 2013, a new by-law of the Régie du Bâtiment du Québec was implemented to improve the building’s safety in the province. The law drastically changes the rules of the game in terms of building safety and therefore obliges owners to be more vigilant at this level.

With this in mind, Génirom offers you effective solutions not only to make your buildings comply with the law and avoid costly punishment, but also to ensure a long life and profitability for your real estate asset. Beyond the simple compliance with the law, Génirom implements the necessary planning to enact various measures to increase the longevity and profitability of your establishment.

Building chapter from the Safety Code (BCSC)

The Buildings chapter of the Safety Code improved many
regulatory provisions that no longer met building safety

What is targeted by the law ?

Buildings subject to CBCS regulations are:

  • All private Senior residences subject to certification by the Department of Health and Social Services.
  • Housing (sleeping quarters) : apartment buildings or condominiums with more than 2 floors and more than 8 units; Room houses with 10 or more bedrooms; Hotels and motels, etc.
  • Meeting facilities that accommodate 10 or more people: nurseries, restaurants, auditoriums, schools, etc.
  • Establishments with a total floor area exceeding 300m2.
  • Business establishments, 3 storeys or more
  • Underground or aboveground car parks with concrete slabs with a bearing surface that does not rest on the ground.
  • Care facilities : hospitals, CHSLDs, supervised residences with 10 or more residents, etc.
  • All buildings with water cooling towers, regardless of their use.

The following equipment for public use is also subject to the CBCS:

  • Some rostrums, stands, platforms, terraces and certain belvederes.
  • Tents or inflatable structures over 100m2 used as dwelling or care facility.
  • Tents or inflatable structures of more than 150m2 used as a meeting or commercial establishment and
    Which accommodate more than 60 people.